Discover Your Body Shape Part 4: The Fabulous Apple

Discover Your Shape: Part 4

The Fabulous Apple

So, in order to have this lovely body shape you need to have a few key points in your shape:

  • Average size boobies
  • Tummy bigger than boobies
  • Flat backside
  • Nice legs

Most applesdon’t realize how fabulous their bodies are! One of the most famous women with this fabulous shape is…. Kathy Bates! She, like you, is fabulous and confident with her shape! However, like every body shape, there are some styles and clothing choices you should avoid and others you should immediately stock in your wardrobe, if you haven’t already. I will go over these in a minute. For now, I think it is most important to say that every woman is BEAUTIFUL and should NEVER forget that! If Kathy can flaunt her goods, you can too and we at Glamify Girl are here to help.

So, first and for most, if you own any of these you should give them away as soon as possible! You have a fabulous body and you need to show off your assets not bring attention to your unfavorable areas. So what should you NEVER wear?

  • Tight t-shirts
  • Big/baggy t-shirts
  • High waist pants
  • Pleated waist
  • Bulbous jackets
  • Men’s jeans…. EVER!!!!!

Now that that part is over it’s on to the best part… What clothes will make you feel like the fabulous woman you are? These are some key pieces of clothes that will extenuate all of your fabulous curves in all the right ways! So, what should you ALWAYS have in your closet?

  • Highlight your boobies with a top that is tight under the boobies, tummy slimming top
  • Show off your goods with a V neck t-shirt that gathers in the middle and is longer in the torso section and draping sleeves so they don’t cut into your arms
  • Flatter your legs with flat-fronted pants, the wide leg will stop any gathering on your legs and butt (you can also look for some that button on the side to avoid extra material in front)
  • Add the look of perfect curves with a button up that zips up the side, have a V neck and doesn’t button all the way up, and long sleeves (this will help draw the eyes away from problem areas)
  • Draw the right attention to your waist with a V neck blaster that has a tie sash in front (and try a flared sleeve)
  • Show off your hips with a skirt that has pleats below your tummy
  • Love your jeans! You will have better luck having your pants tailored for the perfect fit but also find some in dark colors and wide legged
  • Show off your calves with a wedge shoe, either flats or wedge heels are best for you

I hope all of you fabulousappleshave found this useful! Let us know! You can leave a comment here, email us directly, or find us on facebook at

If you would like more information on your body type or to check out many others take a look at Trinny & Susannah The Body Shape Bible and see all 12 body shapes now available at Thank you all and we look forward to hearing from you!!



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