My One and Only BulletProof Coffee


My Bullet Proof Day

My morning with Bullet Proof coffee is nothing less than amazing! I have been drinking Bullet Proof coffee every morning for about 4 months now and from that first morning until now have reaped all of the benefits from it.

When I first heard about Bullet Proof coffee I was so excited because I love coffee but have also had to deal with the side effects from drinking (you know the ones; shaking hands, sugar crash, using too much sugar and cream, just to name a few). But there are also the side effects of inflammation causing toxins and mold in the coffee, unhealthy fats and sugar, and so many more.

Some of the benefits I have experienced are:

  • Increased focus
  • Decreased appetite
  • More energy
  • Less overall daily soreness
  • Less allergy symptoms
  • Increased clarity
  • Less mental haziness
  • No jitters

There is a specific way to prepare and enjoy your Bullet Proof coffee… And it does not include sugar or cream! It may sound different and something you have never heard before but DON’T dismiss it before you give it a try!! I make it like this:

  1. Grinned my coffee beans (only enough for a couple of days at a time)
  2. Boil water on the stove
  3. Once boiling I pour the water into my French Press coffee maker and wait about 5 minutes before fusing the coffee and water
  4. While I wait I put 2 tablespoons of Kerrygold butter and a cap full of the Bullet Proof Upgraded Brain Octane in my bender
  5. After I finish the coffee I pour it into the blender and blend for about 20 seconds (or until everything is mixed together and there is some froth on the top)
  6. I then pour it into my favorite To Go coffee cup and start my day

You may ask why this coffee different or why you should switch, I can tell you with a great break down from the creator himself. Dave Asprey has made the break down sweet and simple with the 4 main points that I will sum up for you:

  1. He has perfected the process of coffee from the beginning to the end. What I mean by that is that from growing the coffee beans, to harvesting and processing the beans, even how they roast and ship the beans is all done in such a specific way that prevents any mold or contamination. This means that the coffee beans are free of any inflammation causing toxins! It also means that the beans are clean, well balanced, and LOADED with good antioxidants!!
  2. The Bullet Proof Upgraded Brain Octane is a coconut extract and is an extremely health fat that, you guessed it, feeds your brain. It also converts to energy easily and gives you a great metal boost! You can add the Bullet Proof Upgraded Brain Octane to any food or drink to help suppress hunger and increase weight loss. But that’s not all, Brain Octane also improves nutrient absorption, improves your immune system, and balances your blood chemistry.
  3. The Kerrygold butter is a grass-fed butter (A MUST!). Kerrygold adds a rich, creamy and fantastic taste to your coffee. This is also a healthy fat and helps to improve cholesterol and blood chemistry.
  4. Enjoying the delicious Bullet Proof Coffee provides energy, mental focus, healthy fats, NO inflammation causing fats or sugars, and NO mold or other toxins.

Bullet Proof Coffee is probably the single most important part of my day! I could never go back to any of that bs coffee that everyone drinks!! If you have not tried Bullet Proof Coffee buy it here at

If you drink Bullet Proof Coffee tell us about how much you love it! Leave a comment here and don’t forget to check us out on



And the Glamify Girl Team

IMAG2285 Grin Coffee Beans

IMAG2288 Beans After Grinding

IMAG2300_1 Add All The Good Stuff!!

IMAG2301 Finished Product ❤ Yummy!!!


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