Your Personalized Fundamental Style Escort: Part 5

Cool Look_PICThe Cool Look:

Your must have’s to complete this look find your inspiration with some of the hottest celebs like Rihanna. You can master this style with effortless ease with these tips and helpful hits! Don’t forget to play up your body shape with any style you choose to embrace to always look your best. You can find more helpful tips in our blog “dress for your shape”. Enjoy and we hope you find this information inspiring!



Your Must Have Pieces:

• Motorcycle Coat
• Mini Skirt
• Leather Pencil Skirt
• Leather Leggings
• Boyfriend Jeans
• Black Skinny Jeans
• Graphic Tee
• Rocker Tee
• Flannel Button-Up
• Loose-Weave Sweater
• Wedge Sneakers
• Sneakers
• Edgy Heels
• Moto Boots
• Studded Pumps
• Studded Hand Bag
• Mixing Jewelry
• Bold Necklace
• Choker Necklace
• Ear Cuffs
• Leather Cuff Bracelet
• Aviator Sunglasses

Get The Look Tips:

1. Start with some Fashion Forward Trends- With this look you can experiment with new trends and put your own spin on it to make it unique and sexy.

2. Add an Unexpected Twist- You can put a modern twist on an old tend like 70’s style flair or body jewelry to pump up your cool trend.

3. Try out some Cool Fabrics- By adding a unique fabric, like a mesh top, you can add interest to your casual
look of a tee and mini.

4. Statement Jewelry- Show your fashion risk taking skills with an ear cuff or mix match your earrings to add a little zing to your look.

5. Choose Unique Kicks- Wear some snow boats, high top sneakers, or wedge sneakers to change up your look and show your confidence with your fashion knowledge.

6. Make Your Mani Pop- Add a little extra funk to your look with a special mani with pointed tips, silver polish, or crazy nail art. This can be an easy way to show your cool side.

7. Mix and Match- Try wearing a graphic tee with a chic skirt or some boyfriend jeans and button-up with some super high and sexy heels. This will give your look a unique and trendy feel.

Get The Look For The Season:

• Graphic Tee (or tank)
• Leather Leggings
• Pointy-Toe pumps


• Motorcycle Jacket
• White Tee
• Ankle Boots
• Oversized Scarf


• Motorcycle Jacket
• Basic Tee
• Capri Sweat Pants
• Pointed-Toe Pumps

• Motorcycle Jacket
• Black Mini Dress
• Black Leggings
• Black Ankle Boots

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