Look Your Best In 3 Simple Steps!

You really can look better almost instantly, it all has to do with knowing your personal body assets!

Here at Glamify Girl, it is our mission to help you not only look your best but feel your best. We will give you all of the information you need for you specific body shape and all the tips and tricks you will ever need to know… ALL in one place!

It all starts with these 3 simple steps:

1) Learn Your Body Shape With Our Help.
2) Shop Our Affiliates With What You’ve Learned…
3) Purchase With Our Glamified Discounts!

Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, with their own unique look and their own unique style! It is our job to help you get ride of those pesky insecurities by showing you how to work your amazing assets!

For a quick breakdown, there are 6 main body shapes, all other variations can be traced back to these. They may also be called by other names (usually some sort of fruit) however you will easily be able to tell which shape is which. These 6 Body Types are:

1) Hourglass
2) Spoon
3) Rectangle
4) Inverted Triangle
5) Pair
6) Apple

We will help you figure out what your actual shape IS as well as what you should be showing off. It may sound confusing (and may women never bother to learn how to dress for their shape) but once we are done, you will not only understand what your shape is and how to properly dress for your specific shape but also what assets to flaunt and which unlikeable areas to hide (AND HOW TO DO IT!)

With our help, many of our followers go through their closets and revamp their wardrobe when they are finished and buy clothes that are more attractive for them. We hope you do as well!! Nothing hinders our self-esteem like ill fitting clothes or clothes someone with our body shape should never wear. While you are revamping your wardrobe don’t forget to keep not only what you’ve learned in mind but also what style you like to wear. If you do not keep true to your style you will look good but still lack the confidence you deserve to have!

We look forward to hearing about how you changed your look and revamped your closet!! Contact us for your one-on-one help or any questions you may have during this life changing process. One of our specialists will be there to help you!

With love,

The Glamify Team



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